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Connect with people who need help with being matched with the right partner and earn money when they accept your recommendation.

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Earn money when your matches accept your recommendation

About Us

"Match the Fire's goal is to help create meaningful and lasting relationships by offering a platform to people who believe in finding a relationship through referrals from their friends, family and other social contacts."

Matching eligible singles is an age-old tradition found in different flavors in different cultures all over the world. The foundation of a lasting relationship is always something more than just the initial attraction. People who know us for who we are can play a very important role in recommending the right partners.

We have created this platform to make the matchmaking process easy and accessible to anyone who is looking for help in finding their significant other. We have also ensured that the system offers a great earning potential for those who want to spend the time to bring happiness to others.

Match the Fire is a product of Intelekit Corporation

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